How wrong the world is : should we just reboot society ?

It’s always not our business when we hear about bad things happening elsewhere. Yes, we feel sorry and give our condolences when needed, just like how the social etiquette says we should, but that’s not the point.

The heart of the matter is about bad things happening to ourselves and to those we care about. And before one would ask me if there’s any need to send me condolences, please don’t. There’s no need. No one really died nor is badly ill and about to die.

This post is about how wrong the whole world seems to be these days. Things are just upside down. All the good values are completely and loudly ignored and bad practice seems to have become the de-facto standard.

Bad professionals are being picked instead of the good ones because the bad ones are somewhat connected to the right people, which are the ones who makes the decisions. Good people are being left behind and insanely bad people are being elevated to the higher positions.

Good people are being left alone, without any good friends to share happiness and all the good feelings, because people these days seems to like the ones who are those most likely to get rich by using evil tactics, so they choose their friends appropriately, using the money as the key factor.

Good people are being left alone, without a love to share experiences and to create a good, happy and healthy family , because the damn money is fuckingly impregnated everywhere, taking good people away from good people.

The good people are being taken by the bad guys, those ones who have enough money to provide a gorgeous and rich life, a life completely empty of happiness, but which ultimately will at least provide a good foundation on which possible future generations could be forged and, maybe, just maybe, these future generations would be happy, as their previous generations certainly won’t be.

People today are sacrificing their happiness for money. It’s so sad everything needs to be centered on this thing, which we firstly created, but which now is taking our life, friends, loves and happiness away from us.

One can’t ask for sincere love anymore before having material belongings to prove he’s worth it. It isn’t enough anymore to be a good person, to demonstrate love, compassion, comprehension, good humour and good will. You should most importantly demonstrate you have money if you are serious about wanting some love back.

It’s disgusting that these days that’s the standard scenario for human relations and not the complete opposite. It’s disgusting we let it be that way and that we now have to survive in a world where the practive don’t match the desired and previously intended behaviour.

What’s this ? Why are we lying to ourselves, saying to everyone we are good and decent people when in practice we don’t accept friendship and love without firstly making sure our friends and potential lovers have some seriously decent amount of this drug called money ?

Would someone please be so kind to enlighten me and, most importantly, would someone please be so fuckingly consistent, proving actions matches words, being my friend and possible female lover and not asking me first how much money I have in my bank account ?

That’s not a rant for someone specific, but for the society as a whole, a collection of human beings I’m starting to want away from me more and more as long as this disgusting behaviour keeps being the practice.