One can’t always get what one wants (really?)

Those of you who may be loosing your valuable time trying to follow my ramblings may have perceived that sometimes I try to mix and match on personal and technical subjects, trying (and most of the time failing) to draw a relation between them. Or maybe I’m just too damn bad at it that nobody really even bothered to notice the pattern.

Lately, I have been trying to accomplish a lot of things on my personal life. Most of them are really working out fine, but some of them wouldn’t let me be completely satisfied with myself. That’s only to tell you that one can’t really get all that one wants. Yes, you can work really hard and accomplish a lot of things, but it’s really hard to be able to mark a score on every single bullet point one planned and starred at one’s world domination plans documents.

That’s called life, like it or not. There won’t be complete satisfaction for everything, for everyone. Ever. So we try to do our best and get most of what we want from our life with the little time we have got from our beloved superior deity. And most people can carry on with his/her life doing it just fine.

However, some people just aren’t willing to accept life as it is. These people often fail or at least suffer a lot in the way. Those who persist sometimes get a success and then they can be called great men/women, worth of being remembered for generations. Most of us just accept fail as a common thing in our life.

I really can’t be bothered to persist trying to fix the world, but I do really appreciate the work of the ones who can’t be as weak as me and instead go the extra mile in order to accomplish great things. Most of these people are really great not only for persisting but also for working to fix problems which, when fixed, are going to be one less big problem for a huge amount of people and make people’s lives much happier.

It seems to be happening right now, in a lot of areas. As I’m not going to try to write about things I really don’t know, I won’t write here about life changing improvements which are going to change everybody’s lives, globally speaking (or writing, as I’m blogging). I reserve the right to write about things I think I kind of understand.

That’s tech related subjects, by the way, for those of you who are still reading this and are still lost. One area where I think people are trying to fix a huge problem within my Linux distribuition of choice, Debian, is its use as a desktop system by users who need up-to-date software and can’t be bothered by instability of some others distros which offer up-to-date software as its most prominent feature.

Debian always tried to solve this problem by asking its users to use Debian testing instead of Debian unstable. The later always gets all the new software but, as its name says, is sometimes way too unstable for its user’s taste. Debian testing, on the other side, is a middle ground between Debian stable and Debian unstable.

Of course, there are lots of problems also faced by Debian testing users (it’s called testing after all, not stable). As these problems are specific to Debian testing and not shared by Debian stable and/or Debian unstable users, testing users are often left in the cold waiting for some good soul to fix their problems.

A team is being formed inside Debian to try and ultimately fix these problems so a desktop user could use Debian testing without being always left in the cold, feeling alone in the dark. This team is  calling itself CUT, which is the shortname for Constantly Usable Testing. As its names says, the idea is to have Debian testing as a constantly usable distribution for desktop users so they don’t really need to got to the Debian unstable route and don’t keep saying that Debian has to offer only unstable as its more up-to-date branch, which can be unstable, by definition.

I have been watching from outside the ideas being shared by this team and I’m really a fan of some of them. I recommend keeping an eye on these people as this team has the potential to accomplish great things, which in turn could really be changing people’s lives in the end.


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