A new $HOME for this blog

I wanted to let my readers know that I migrated from my previous hosting to a new one. There was nothing wrong with the previous one, but I wanted to go out shopping for something cheaper and still as reliable.

Lots of friends gave me good recommendations for Linode and the price was tempting so I thought : “Why not ?”.  The most noticeable advantage, apart from the price reduction, was the speed improvement, as I got myself a more powerful VPS and then now I have more room for new experiments.

Later I also noticed some little but very welcome improvements. These are just minor details, but together they account for a great experience. So, I’m here to let you guys now that if you want a good, reliable, speedy, and still cheap hosting provider for your VPS, just give Linode a try.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

3 comentários sobre “A new $HOME for this blog

  1. I guess right after you switch providers represents a bad time to suggest alternatives, but have you looked at Gandi.net? They provide better resources for the price, particularly if you factor in their FOSS developer discounts (ask them about it).

    One share gets you 5Mbps of *unmetered* bandwidth, 8GB of disk, and 256MB of RAM. All of those go up linearly as you add shares.

    I don’t want to give an exact number for their developer discount, but suffice it to say it beat any such discount I’ve ever seen from any other merchant, short of “free”.

    And hey, they also do great things like sponsor Debconf.

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