First post and already tired

Well, I have just finished setting up my virtual machine in a hosting provider which offers a very nice virtual machine plan called VPS.

It’s very nice because they give you full root access so you can install whatever you want to install. Also, it’s Debian based and even the control panel they provide is as I like things to be : minimalist and easy to use. Sure, it works like a charm also.

I’m tired because I was fighting the blog system I installed for a long time trying to convince it to get installed in a proper VirtualHost but it kept giving me trouble everytime I tried to access its root page. I gave up and installed it in a directory under my default page and then it worked as expected.

Someday I need to take a closer look at it and find out what really went wrong. Well, actually, I know what went wrong and I even knew how one could fix the issue as I already fixed issues like this one lots of time in the past, but this time my tricks didn’t helped.

Anyway, mail setup is already working, complete with SSL-based IMAP/POP, SMTP-AUTH through SASL and all the basic services I wanted to have are already working. Now I think I can have some sleep a it’s past 4:00AM.

Well, enough for a first post.

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